Saturday, September 22, 2012

Crazy Week and a Surprise

It has been a long week!  I had three morning meetings which means I only had two one-hour planning mornings (my only planning time at school) and my evenings were spent prepping, grading, getting interims finished and of course, playing with my kids.  Whew.  For the first time, one of my students asked if the Kindergarten teachers are teaching Physical Education and Music, also.  I guess he thought this was just a first grade thing.  Sorry honey, all the teachers are doing it this year.  But I'd like to think I'm giving it my best effort!

The surprising thing this week was that I kept looking so forward to the time when I would get to blog again.  It's almost as if it is my release!  I definitely should try to do it more often, when I don't have weeks like this one.  And I have a smattering of new followers--here's to you!  Thanks for reading!  

I have two more posts planned for this weekend, activities that I completed in the past week to link up to other blogs.  I have my monthly world travel-themed date night tonight with the hubby.  It's part of my birthday present for him--a year's worth of dates.  We've been to Hawaii (drinks on a beach) and France (dessert at That Crepe Place) and tonight we are traveling to Australia (going to Outback--shhhh, don't tell him!).  I'll get the pictures edited and blog posts up sometime this weekend!  


Kim @ The Educators Spin On It said...

Just stopping in to check on you and see how school is treating you. I'm sorry it keeps you so busy this time of year. I'm looking forward to seeing what you're going to share for the Virtual Book Club with Lois Ehlert. My kids just loved reading her books. That's awesome that you have a monthly date night! Have fun!

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