Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ice Painting

I'm excited because this is the first post I've done for the "Craft Rooms" part of the title of my blog.  Then again, you could also say I was teaching my little girl something about ice, but let's just stick with the story that I was letting her be crafty and creative...

I decided to link up to my friend Vanessa from See Vanessa Craft's Tot School Tuesday linky party (please do not notice that it is Wednesday).  

In the interest of finally just getting this post out there I woke up early on a SCHOOL day (GASP!) to type it up, so I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking for me.

To do ice painting, you need very little in the way of materials.  I bought powdered tempera paint from my local teacher store.  I let Afton pick the color and she picked red, most likely because in powdered form it looks pink.  This was my first experience with powdered paint.  You also need paper and ice.  For the ice, you could just use an ice cube in which you froze a popsicle stick.  Or, if you happen to have a Mickey Mouse popsicle maker like me, you could freeze water in that.

We did this activity outside (strong recommendation).  I sprinkled some paint on the paper and let Afton get started:

Afton enjoyed painting, but probably not quite as much as she did sucking on the last (paint-free) ice pop!

That paint really is amazing because the instant it touches water it becomes bright (blood) red!  The clean-up was not bad since it was outside and I could just spray off with a hose.  Afton wasn't that messy and what paint she did get on her washed off.  

There are many ways to could alter this activity.  While she was painting, I thought hey-why couldn't I just have used the powdered form of Kool-Aid?  Then it would be edible ice painting!  I also think you could go ahead and make the paint, freeze it, then paint with it.  And how exciting would it be to have two or more powders on your paper to mix up with the ice!  That would be awesome for observing the results of color combinations!  Feel free to add any more ideas in the comments.  I love open-ended activities!

Go out and do this with your tots before it gets too cold!  

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Vanessa @ See Vanessa Craft said...

LOVE this idea!! Thanks so much for linking up to Tot School Tuesday :)

Filipa said...

Lovely your blog. I'm also a teacher in Portugal! :)

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